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Subscription Transactions

Without a subscription agreement, water will not flow from the tap and your lights will not illuminate. Although this situation is not very troublesome, some problems will arise for a person who cannot speak the language, we will help you in this regard. If necessary, we can assist you in completing technical procedures; electrical infrastructure, plumbing systems, electrical equipment, etc. If any malfunction is detected, the customer is informed about this situation, and after certain action instructions are received from him, the repair and technical service specialists are contacted and the existing problems are resolved.

Infrastructure and Renovation

Have you bought an apartment from the owner and want to redo something "for yourself" or do you need to change the layout and design of your villa? Many of our clients have made multiple repairs and alterations to their homes, but in Turkey everything is completely different and there is no escape from the language barrier. Our repair managers have rich experience and strong connections to teams. They will assist you in everything from the selection of building materials to affordable and affordable labor services.


As Pro Team Estate, we are with you regarding the cleaning processes required for your properties. In the first place, we deliver the properties to you cleaned and ready for occupancy directly. For your subsequent cleaning needs, we continue to support you through contracted institutions and reasonable prices.

Rental Properties

When you buy a property for investment purposes and to let out through our company, we strive to maximize your earnings and we start the necessary procedures to let you rent as soon as possible. During this period, all transactions are done by us (appraisal, photography, customer presentations, contract, etc.), all you have to do is enjoy your investment.


Car Rental or Purchase

Buying a house on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean has a completely different concept of living than a hotel. The Mediterranean contains many historical and touristic regions. That's why our customers need to get to know this rich centuries-old heritage. The best way to discover them is to rent or buy a car. As Pro Team Estate, we will help you to rent or buy the latest model cars on favorable terms.


Design and Concept

We all know what role the living space plays for a comfortable life. When purchasing an apartment from abroad, you may experience difficulties in making changes in the furnishing and design of your apartment. When concluding a contract for the sale of real estate, the furniture package can be included in the price and we can detail it down to the smallest detail and everything will be ready when you first set foot in your apartment. Furniture, appliances, accessories, etc. If you don't like to choose products on your own, our experts in design and purchasing will be with you. Our experts accompany you throughout your shopping and design process and draw attention to key points. When necessary, it advises you in shopping malls and also provides translation services.


The whole world actively uses the services of insurance companies. Insuring your health, flat and car will guarantee you. If you wish, we will insure you for your insurance and policy transactions over global brands at the most affordable prices and we will be by your side during this process. Some of the insurance companies we have agreements with are;

  • Allianz Sigorta
  • AKsigorta
  • Acıbadem Sigorta
  • Mapfre Sigorta

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