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What is the Deed and How to Get it?

What is Deed?

Title deed; An official document showing the owner of an immovable property. This official document, issued by the Land Registry Directorate, is given only to the owner of the immovable; It is not given to people who have other rights on the immovable other than ownership.

How is Title Deed Transfer Made?

The transfer of immovable property is called deed transfer. This situation may be between the buyer and the seller, or the title deed can be transferred due to family inheritance or similar reasons.

Required Information for Title Deed Transfer

Deed transactions are quite simple. What you need to do is to complete the documents requested by the Land Registry Directorate, and then pay the title deed fee and the title deed revolving fund. After these two processes are completed, you can start the deed transfer process and complete the process in 1 or 2 days. In order to make an application, the buyer and seller must submit the necessary documents to the Land Registry Office to which the property is attached.

Documents Required for Title Deed Transfer

  • Document of Title

  • Passport photo

  • Identity card of the owner, buyer or power of attorney

  • "Property Tax (at current market value)" document obtained from the municipality where the immovable is located

  • “Mandatory Earthquake Insurance (DASK)” for Buildings

What is the Deed Transfer Cost?

Two payments are required for deed transfer transactions. One of them is the title deed fee and the other is the revolving fund fee. As of 2023, 4% of the total sales price is paid as a residence title tax. This price is paid by the buyer. The title deed revolving fund fee is 2.050₺ as of 2024.

Things to Know About Title Deed Transfer Transactions

  • Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork ready.

  • You must be at the Land Registry and Cadastre Office 30 minutes before your appointment time.

  • Both the buyer and the seller must be present during the deed transfer process. However, the process can also be completed through proxies who have the necessary documents.

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