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• Unfortunately, a residence permit does not give the right to work in Turkey. The official entitlement is given by the employer who gives you a work permit and pays taxes to the state for you.

• Standard sales tax is levied at 4% of the value of the property.

• While getting a residence permit on the real estate, you have to show the flat that you will buy as the first step in the title deed for a minimum of $75,000 in ₺. If you do not do this, you cannot apply for a residence permit and you cannot rent the flat you bought.

• Considering the statistical data in Turkey, Antalya is one of the cities with the highest rental income. As of March 2023, we can say that the lowest rental flat price in Antalya is around 500₺.

• Unfortunately, if you rent an apartment before 01.01.2023, you can get a residence permit when you apply with the rental contract and the necessary official documents, but you can no longer get a residence permit from the rented apartment.

- If you buy a property under construction, our company will always update and inform you about the development process. The construction companies that we have been working with for years are reliable and committed companies. Our company lawyers will protect your legal rights and will prepare the most reliable contract for you.

• If you have acquired citizenship on the property you bought, you cannot sell that property for 3 years. If you have obtained a residence permit based on the title deed, you must notify the Immigration Administration of your new address within two weeks after making the sale.

v Real estate purchase costs in Turkey are lower than in other countries. Appraisal fee, title deed fee, property tax, real estate commission fee, attorney fees, notary public etc. For detailed information on pricing, visit our Real Estate Costs in Turkey page.

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